What is Coaching?
 My Approach



Are you willing to at least entertain the hypothesis that getting more of what you want from life and work is realistically achievable? Can you believe that you have the capacity to change your life?

And that you can:

- Get more of what you truly want with less effort,
- Align your work with what you actually enjoy doing,
- Play (or sleep) a bit more, work a bit less and accept yourself a bit more - all without taking a vow of poverty,
- Realize that the person you really are (not the one you play on TV) is naturally creative, resourceful and whole,
- Improve your business and personal relationships, and
- Be as excited by what you do to earn money as you are by what you do to have fun.

If you are open to these possibilities, welcome to Actually Possible Coaching.

No, not everything is actually possible.

There are some success gurus and new age movements that claim you can have anything that you want. I'm not one of them. Some of them even claim that all you have to do is write your desires down, put them in your wallet, and believe hard enough. That type of hype is the last thing you want to hear.

Let's face it, you and I both know you are not going to grow up to be an astronaut, a fireman, or the President, and that winning the lottery by imagining it really hard is not really actionable advice. I promise not to claim you can have anything you imagine. I have no big "secret" to sell, and no readymade answers. What I do have is a unique process that will provide insight into where you are, intuition as to how you can move forward and an informal conversational approach through which we will find your path together.

Getting more of what you want from life and work probably is actually possible.

As a life and work coach, I help people like you find direction, work through limiting beliefs and take action to achieve more satisfaction. I help people like you get more of what they want from life and work. If you are willing to entertain the hypothesis that you can have more, let's talk.

The first move is yours.

Am I someone who can help you get more satisfaction, joy, and enthusiasm from your life?
Let's have a chat and find out. I'll ask questions about your circumstances, desires and values and tell you a bit about how I help people. To schedule this free, no-obligation call, please e-mail me at harris@actuallypossible.com, so the conversation can begin.