What is Coaching?
 My Approach




First Calls are Free:

Our first 15-20- minute introductory conversation about coaching and your issues costs nothing

How it works:

Coaching sessions are typically 45 minutes in length, but I am usually available for an additional 15 minutes if the conversation seems to want that.

You may choose between single-session commitments at an à la carte rate or pre-paid multi-session commitments at lower per-session rates. Ongoing commitments are strongly encouraged and produce the best results.


 PackageEach SessionPackage Price
 Single coaching session $60$60
  4 coaching sessions in one month $50 $200
 8 coaching sessions in two months $45$360


Full payment for multi-session packages and payment for single sessions are due immediately after the first session is completed and must be received prior to the scheduled date of the next session.

If you schedule a session and need to change the date or time, please let me know in advance and I will be happy to reschedule. The first time that you miss a session without notice, I will be as accommodating as I can and will try to reschedule. Repeated missed sessions may result in new payment terms. To schedule a free, no-obligation coaching call, email