What is Coaching?
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What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a supportive relationship with a trained professional that enhances your ability to learn, make desired changes, solve problems, and achieve goals. Coaches work with their clients individually or in groups, face-to-face or by telephone, typically in a series of regularly scheduled sessions.

Coaching relationships are jointly designed by the client and the coach. In coaching sessions, the client typically chooses the topic of conversation, while the coach listens, contributes observations or new ideas, and asks thought-provoking questions. This focused interaction creates clarity, builds accountability, moves clients into action, and keeps them on track.

Coaching enhances the natural creativity and resourcefulness you already have within you, so you achieve success at an accelerated rate.

People typically hire a coach when they:

 Determine that their goals and dreams are not being achieved by their current methods
 Have the willingness to be challenged, supported, and called forth to approach things differently
 Decide they are willing to do what it takes to create change in their lives

How is Coaching different than therapy or hiring a consultant?

Coaching differs from consulting, teaching, or therapy because it is not focused on giving advice, delivering curriculum, healing dysfunction, or analyzing behavior. The focus of coaching is on guiding you to find your own unique answers. Coaches won't tell you what to do or what you need to learn. A coach will support you in strategizing solutions, choosing the right direction, building your personal skills, and raising your awareness.

Coaches don't spend time in the past; they concentrate on where you are today and how to get where you want to be tomorrow. Since I love bicycling, here is a cycling metaphor:

Imagine you want to learn how to ride a bike.

 If you are TERRIFIED of cycling, you may need a THERAPIST to help you discover all the blocks and traumas from your past that have kept you from riding.
 If you lack knowledge of cycling, you may need a CONSULTANT to provide technical information about bicycles, their features, how to use them, and maybe even how to be "ergonomically correct" when you ride a bicycle.
 But if you are drawn to cycling and ready to ride, a COACH will stand by you as you get on the bicycle, help keep you steady as you discover your balance, cheer you on, give you a little push from behind when you need it, run along beside you with encouragement, and then let go so you can do it on your own.

If you've read this far, the chances are you yearning to try something new.

Maybe it's as something specific, like bicycling. Or maybe it's something less tangible, like using more of who you really are in your work life.

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