What is Coaching?
 My Approach






My Background

I've had a successful career in the computer and software industry, where I was a software engineer, technical sales support manager, director of partner programs and vice-president of marketing.

In this work, I learned that I had a real calling for coaching and mentoring. I found it extremely satisfying to guide co-workers to use their knowledge, insight, and wisdom in solving problems, to hear later that their solution worked and to see them grow as people and professionals.

As a seeker and student, I've studied and integrated ideas and attitudes from positive thinking schools, the Buddhist analysis of the human condition, Jungian psychology, humanistic values, consciousness studies, physics, mathematics, and cognitive reframing into a coherent approach to life and work.

I sometimes think of myself as a wise jester who tells the truth to the king - and lives to do it again. I also have a knack for revealing wisdom by telling jokes as if they were parables. I live for the moment when someone's shell opens, revealing the truth.

Bicycling is my greatest passion. As a nerdy kid, I avoided physical activity. Then, in my mid-40's, I got interested in bicycling. I found myself intrigued by the possibility of moving through space, under my own power, through beautiful parts of the world. I started riding and became fit and athletic. Since then, I've bicycled over 19,000 miles, been on many bicycling vacations, finished some hundred-mile rides, and rode to the top of Mt. Diablo, the highest peak near my home - a mere 10-mile ride, with 3,400 feet of climbing.

For me, being a professional coach is a way to maximize the value I provide to other people. It is tremendously satisfying for me to see my clients expand their beliefs about what is possible for them and take the steps to making the possible actually happen.

To schedule a free, no-obligation coaching call, email harris@actuallypossible.com.