What is Coaching?
 My Approach






My Approach

My approach to coaching rests on a combination of my professional management experience in high technology and my deep study and experience of philosophical, spiritual and personal growth methods.

This particular combination makes me an effective coach for people changing careers or dealing with work/organization issues, as well as those seeking to become more fulfilled in other areas of their life, including self-acceptance and the ability to set boundaries in relationships. I was trained by The Coaches Training Institute and my work is a synthesis of their Co-Active coaching model and many other influences.

In your work with me, you'll be laughing one minute and finding the answer to a big question the next. I'll be completely honest with you and expect nothing less in return. You'll get thought-provoking questions and unexpected philosophies. You'll quickly begin to find what's been missing from your life and jump right into a new way of living and working.

I believe that the quickest route to getting what you want is an enhanced sense of your own authenticity and resourcefulness. And I find that most of us, including the most apparently successful, are limited by some sort of pretense about who we are.

Often, these pretenses are designed to please the people around us, so that we can get what we want from them. And this has been reasonably effective. But after a certain point, the act becomes self-defeating because what other people want from us MOST OF ALL is authenticity — a willingness to be the competent but imperfect human beings we all are.

What you can expect from me:

 Honesty, including honest feedback about how I am experiencing you
 My full attention and focus during our sessions
 Respect for you as a creative and resourceful human being
 Wit, wisdom, and humor
 Many more questions than answers
 An expectation that you will meet your commitments
 Celebration of your victories

What I expect of you:

 Honesty, including honest feedback about how you are experiencing the coaching
 Active participation in designing and continuing the coaching conversation
 Willingness to consider what I offer you without automatic rejection
 Willingness to question whether your beliefs about your limits are true
 Showing up for your appointments on time (phone or in-person)
 Prompt payment per our agreed upon terms

To schedule a free, no-obligation coaching call, email harris@actuallypossible.com.